Country that offers different working environments, you won’t be bored if you want to do an internship in South Korea. If you want more information don’t hesitate to read our feedback. retour d’expérience.

Seoul : 

You hate standing still, go to Seoul. It is a city of cultural and tourist sites. It is a city built for the curious. After a day of internship, you can explore the creativity between fashion, cuisine, architecture and art.

Busan/ Pusan :

Although it is the second largest city in South Korea, it is also a beach resort. You can enjoy the beach as well as the parks, and you can easily travel to the nearby islands. It’s perfect for your international internship! You will have the paradise side but also the work side. What more could you ask for!

Daegu/taegu : 

The city is located in a valley surrounded by mountains. You will be able to move by the cable car between the mountains. It is a charming city where Korean culture and traditions are well preserved. The city offers a variety of things to see or do: visit temples, museums, shopping, go to the oldest park in the city, visit the 83 Tower.

Ulsan :

The area is famous for its mountainous river scenery, not to mention the beautiful beaches. There are plenty of attractions to choose from: parks, museums, department stores and shopping malls. You will have the chance to explore the manufacturing process of the Hyundai industry.

Incheon : 

South Korea’s second largest port city. Incheon has a lot to offer. You can do: shopping, enjoy the beach, admire the beautiful scenery, drink in bars and even if you are a little peckish you can go for a good meal in a restaurant.

Gyeongju :

This is a place not to be missed! You can visit the Unesco World Heritage sites, the fascinating wineries and even admire the royal tombs and the national museums. It’s a great cultural destination

Daejon : 

Daejeon is a destination that combines discovery, adventure and a change of scenery. Considered as the high-tech capital of the country, you can do an internship abroad in this field. Moreover, its proximity to major cities makes it a must-see during your stay in Korea.

Sokcho : 

Very popular among Koreans for its seaside resort and big waves for surfers. If you want to visit a city different from Seoul, I highly recommend Sokcho. You have the beach, shops and restaurants around. You will have nearby accommodations at your disposal so don’t hesitate!

Hwaseong : 

The city is full of history and monuments, so you’ll have plenty to learn during this course. This city combines the taste of tradition and modernity, housing historical sites.

Chungju : 

Chungju is an amazing city with a rich historical past. A true tourist destination in its own right, this city has everything to please. It has a variety of properties, both in terms of tourism, culture and history. Famous for the beauty of the landscape, such as the lake that bears the same name as the city.

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