When we talk about the Netherlands, we immediately think of Amsterdam and its houses along the canals, tulips, and coffee shops. But come to know also its neighboring cities and their anecdotes

Rotterdam :

Amidst the skyscrapers of Rotterdam, you can buy everything, eat in restaurants, visit museums or galleries in the city center and more.

The Hague :

The Hague is the only major city to have a city located on the coast. The city has many memorials, luxury hotels and political centers. You can visit beautiful art museums and spend the day doing luxury shopping. You can also enjoy the sun, from the beach.

Maastricht :

Maastricht is a great destination for foodies. In this southern city, people take the time to enjoy a delicious meal. A little extra: you can see everything on foot. And to enjoy the beautiful nature and surroundings, rent a bike. Breweries, starred restaurants, wineries and regional cuisines to satisfy the gourmets. In short, a visit to Maastricht is a must!

Utrecht :

In the charming city of Utrecht, you will find many cafes and restaurants nearby. Shopping in Utrecht is the best. Along the canals and in the city center, there are many stores and boutiques. Utrecht’s downtown is small enough to explore on foot, but large enough to enjoy the art and culture of this city for a few days

Amsterdam :

Take a boat ride on the canals, stroll through the “Vondelpark” park and shop in the old town. Amsterdam is one of a kind!

Delft :

This university town invites you to visit its museums and markets… And take a break in one of its many bars!

Haarlem :

Here you can walk along the canals, admire its beautiful works of art, go shopping and also find very good restaurants. Haarlem is a delightful and lively city where you can enjoy the Dutch autumn in a very pleasant way.

Eindhoven :

This is a city that hosts unprecedented tech and design events, but it’s also a city where you can shop to your heart’s content and eat delicious food. Immerse yourself in the city and discover for yourself.

Leiden :

This student city has many amazing, trendy and affordable restaurants. The city’s surroundings are also worth a visit. Take a boat trip on the Kagerplassen lake, sunbathe on the beach in Katwijk, explore the flower fields by bike. Nice, right?

Arnhem :

Arnhem has the largest wooded area in the Netherlands. Explore the Hoge Veluwe National Park, perhaps on white bikes, ready for you at the entrance of Vast water plains stretch across Arnhem, inviting you to walk and bike.

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