You want to do an international internship while enjoying the city and the activities. I advise you to read our article, it might give you some ideas. Otherwise I advise you to read this, it will help you in your choice

Londre :

As you can imagine, there are a lot of things to do there. But I’m going to introduce you to some unusual places to have at least once in your life. Let’s start with the London Mithraeum Temple, a little advice before going there even if it’s free. Then we have the Neasden Temple it’s the first largest authentic Hindu temple built outside India, then there is Gir Lion Lodge a unique experience awaits you there! so jump on the first plane to do your international internship and visit at the same time.

Manchester :

You want to enjoy, I advise you this city. Diversified cities or activities to do like visiting the Old Trafford it’s the stadium of one of the greatest soccer teams in the world, the Manchester Museum, shopping at the intu Trafford Centre which is one of the biggest shopping malls in the United Kingdom and above all at the level of gastronomy you absolutely have to taste everything without forgetting to go to the famous nightclubs! So go for it if you want.


Lots of things to do! So take a good week to visit everything or just to enjoy it. Between the Victoria Square, bull ring which a shopping center, high level gastronomy, the library of Birmingham with its original building, you will also be able to make your own chocolate, attend a soccer match, discover the nightlife in Digbeth and go on a pub crawl around Bindleyplace.

Bristol :

You have to visit the Harbourside, which is a waterfront lined with landmarks and museums and is quite nice to see. A little dinner at Wapping Wharf on the waterfront. Little advice, go to the Cabot Tower. You will have a 360 degree view from this 31 meter tower. Don’t forget to try some 8% cider in moderation and you should definitely check out the bars in Millennium Square. The nightlife is legendary in Bristol.

Edinburgh :

First of all, a little tour of the jewels in the crown of Scotland will surely interest you. Afterwards, a quick stop at the Fringe Festival to get some bars is cool. As far as the landscape is concerned, go for a walk on Arthur’s Seat, you’ll have the best view of the city. Oh yeah, maybe you’ll be interested in tasting some pure malt scotch, which might be good for your taste buds. What are you waiting for to go there?

Newcastle :

Drinking on the terrace will probably be the first thing you’ll do. Of course we forget to store in the Fenwick department store. As far as the landscape is concerned, you have to cross one of the 7 bridges, you will have a magnificent view especially during sunset. As in France, soccer is a religion there so you can participate in a match. But above all, visit Jesmond, it is a popular district where it is good to relax.

Sheffield :

You will live a unique experience, go on London road, you will live a culinary trip around the world in one street. Nice, isn’t it? Or maybe take in an evening show at one of the largest theater complexes.

Oxford :

A romantic sunset boat ride can be a great romantic activity. If you have a good run, you might have the guts to break a beer yard record. So will you try your luck?

Blackpool :

Start your day by taking a British walk lined with family-friendly attractions: the UK’s fastest roller coaster, go shopping, take a ride on a mule, go to Blackpool Tower for a 360-degree view from the top of the tower. If you’re a gambler, you can go to the casino and finally, you can hit the pubs and clubs in case of insomnia.

Glasgow :

A must-do is to have a drink in the People’s Palace and the Winter Gardens. Don’t forget to go on the Whisky Tour in the West End to discover the secrets of alcohol.

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