Hallå for your internship in Europe! 

You will notice the small similarity with the Anglo-Saxon Hello, 2 languages that do not yet have much in common! Important cultural differences are noticeable between France and Sweden, some nice anecdotes are good to know also before your internship in Sweden!

Top 10 of the fun facts about Sweden

1) Swedes do not like to spend too much time at the cash register. And for that, they facilitate the work of cashiers! They feature the items one by one as a result on the mat, the bar code oriented for a faster passage. And everyone is happy: the cashiers are less tired, and we spend less time at the checkout. It’s mostly a matter of respect 🙂 It’s cool, is not it?

2) Do you like tube food or not? If so (strange anyway), in Sweden it’s something that is rooted in their culture. Marketing level we agree, it’s not the best of the best, but it has an advantage too: the conservation is better. Even restaurateurs use it! 😉

3) In Sweden, people are great big coffee fans! If you want to make a lot of girlfriends there, you just have to ask for a “Fika”, which means Coffee Break. They consume on average 5 coffees a day!

4) Sweden and sport, it’s cooking together! Since 2006, she has won 588 Olympic medals, winter and summer games combined, and ranks in 7th place!

5) They are in the future for recycling: they lack so much waste that they are forced to import from their neighbor Finland (800 000 tonnes / year) to feed their plants. Pros ecologist, they recycle 96% of their waste. The remaining 4% ends up in landfills. A little idea of ​​internship in Sweden?

And another 5 anecdotes for you!

6) One must remove his shoes and leave them in the entrance. And that always! I try to apply that too at home but it’s not always easy :). This avoids dirtying the apartment and having to vacuum every 2 minutes and finish deaf.

7) Anecdotes funny enough if you do your internship in Sweden in a student residence: in student residences, students shout out the window at 10pm! The origin of this tradition is still discussed but in any case, it must bring down the stress! 🙂

8) Do not drink alcohol on weekdays! Saturday is the day reserved to increase his blood alcohol level. If you are French and you offer a drink to your Swedish roommate a Thursday afternoon at 16h, he may not understand too much. Or he will kindly answer that we are not on Saturday. Unthinkable for us!

9) They created the largest solar system representation in the world! It extends over 1500 km in all the country, and the sun is represented by the largest spherical building in the world, in Stockholm;)

10) Last anecdote, about the Vikings! They did not hesitate to conquer a large part of Europe (and France is one of them). They also found the first kingdom of Russia. All tsars are of Vikings origin, until the last Nicholas II.

Here you are! If you have other nice stories to tell, do not hesitate to write them in comment. And if you want to do your internship in Sweden, just contact us !