Discover in this article our list of the 5 most attractive cities in Tunisia by their history and activities.

Tunis :

Tunis has been the capital of Tunisia since 1159. Of Berber origin, this city is rich in history as it has seen several historical civilizations such as the Phoenicians, Romans and Ottomans. So between modern and ancient architecture you can’t get bored. Tunis is an active city also at night, so there is plenty to keep you happy if you like to party. If you want more information on places to visit in Tunis, check out this article.

Sfax :

It is known for its olive oil, the port city Sfax and its walls face the Kerkennah islands with their paradisiacal beaches. But you can also stroll through the souks, the markets, past the palaces and the ceramic houses. International Horizons has prepared a special article on Sfax so if you want to learn more click here!

Monastir :

One cannot talk about the best cities in Tunisia without mentioning Monastir the coastal city. Monastir is in fact a peninsula providing access to the beaches of the gentle Mediterranean Sea. The climate is more than favourable for swimming as the average temperature is 20°C all year round and the sea can rise to 26°C. Want to learn more about Monastir? You can visit our article dedicated to Monastir.

Djerba :

Djerba or Jerba is an island in the Mediterranean Sea of 500km² with a coastline of 120km. This offers you several heavenly beaches on which you can relax. Djerba is a mythical island, it is said that Ulysses passed through here. Yes, it’s an island but you are still connected to the mainland. Indeed a way dating from the 3rd century connects El Kantara, a small city of the island, to the Tunisian continent.

Sidi Bou Saïd :

This small village located at hardly twenty kilometres from Tunis, is recognizable by its white and blue houses. Moreover, the village is located on a hill offering a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. You can also stroll through the cobbled streets and stop at the many Tunisian restaurants.

Hammamet :

Hammamet is at the head of seaside tourism in Tunisia. Its climate, its beaches and its proximity to Tunis make it one of the best destinations for holidays. But apart from the beaches, you can also find fascinating infrastructures such as the Kasbah or the museum of religions. As usual in Tunisian cities, the medina is a dynamic place full of activities. Hammamet is no exception.

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