Senegal may not offer the most sumptuous landscapes in Africa, but it does have some unforgettable sites that will give you a total change of scenery. You can also read our article on Senegal anecdotes..

Dakar :

It is a lovely city, where it is good to be in the colorful markets and sandy alleys and people. A trading hub built on a road, Dakar is also the cultural and artistic center of the country as evidenced by its famous ethnographic museum and numerous music festivals

Saint-Louis :

Saint-Louis remains the first city of the country. With beautiful beaches and palm trees, Saint-Louis offers boaters a magnificent setting to discover a beautiful region. So what are you waiting for, visit this den of culture You will be mesmerized by its landscapes and historical buildings.

Thies :

Thies has managed to keep itself free from the tourist overflows of big cities like Dakar and create an appearance that clearly has nothing to do with idleness.

Pikine :

This is one of the most populated suburbs of Dakar. There are people anytime, anywhere, day or night. So it’s very friendly. You’ll also find lots of little things to eat that aren’t overpriced, especially local food.

Guédiawaye :

Hip-hop center in Guédiawaye, which has become such a popular fixture in the life of this Dakar suburb, welcomes local youth

Kaolack :

Take the time to stop there and discover the numerous stalls of its vast market. Under the arcades are mixed stalls of merchants, fruits and vegetables, peanuts, salt, cashew nuts … but also sheets and goods …

Mbour :

Mbour is a real seaside town! Its beautiful sandy beaches seduce visitors. Music, painting, dance, sculpture and other arts cross there. You will get a taste of the African character through the various colorful markets where friendly vendors sell their wares. With cultural events, Mbour will satisfy you. It is still possible to make beautiful excursions in this very rich region. So make the right choice by visiting it!

Ziguinchor :

My advice: Watch the big canoe wheel facing the Casamance River, and embark in a group to discover one of the surrounding villages. It’s usually very hot there, and since it’s not really possible to swim in the river, it’s nice to cool off in the pool of the Hotel Kadiandoumagne, then have dinner in the romantic setting of the floating restaurant on the river.

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