An internship in South America ! The heat, the change of scenery and breathtaking landscapes. All this during your internship abroad. But you don’t really know where to go, here’s a little preview (S/O Jeanne the intern of the moment and her fav’ expression)

Your BTS CI internship in Colombia!

A country known for its oil and coffee exports. A great way to combine your second year internship and tropical forests. Even in your first year, you will have a lot of fun prospecting for trade partners. Remember that when you shake hands with someone in Colombia, you look them straight in the eye. It’s a sign of respect to look someone in the eye for a long time. If you want to know more check this out

A BTS CI internship in Bogota

Bogota is located at a high altitude. La Candelaria, at the heart of its cobblestone streets, features colonial-era motifs like the neoclassical Teatro Colón and the centuries-old San Francisco Cathedral. There are also famous museums, such as the Botero, which exhibits the art of Fernando Botero (as the name suggests), and the Gold Museum, which exhibits pre-Columbian gold pieces. You will have something to visit after a good day of internship!

A BTS CI internship in Medellin

A must-see in Colombia. Medellin, city of eternal spring. An idyllic setting for your internship abroad. Don’t miss the flower festival in August, it’s great.

If you’re ever homesick, come visit “El Castillo”, a castle inspired by the Loire Valley in France!

Your BTS CI internship in Mexico!

Mexico … Tequila and especially your future internship of BTS CI little rascal! Mexico is known in your environment for its Imports and Exports of goods which are very important in the commercial activity of the country. Think of enjoying chocolate during your sunny weekends. Why? Look at this here 

A BTS CI internship in Mexico City

With its Aztec vestiges, this bustling city is an ideal setting for an internship abroad. Immersed in Mexican culture, you’ll be able to progress! Of course, like many capitals, many companies are ready to welcome you for your BTS CI internship! A bit of culture: take advantage of your stay to visit the Frida Kahlo museum. You can’t miss it!

A BTS CI internship in Guadalajara

The Mexican “Silicon Valley”! With its cluster of high-tech industries, Guadalajara is an economic nerve center of the country. You will not be bored during your internship.

Well, it seems to me that you have a good overview to make your choices of internship abroad in BTS CI! If you need advice or want to go with us it’s over here 🙂