Hello to you! So, you’re afraid of starving for your internship abroad in Azerbaijan? Don’t worry, over there, cooking is a fundamental part of the culture and you’re likely to enjoy it!

Kebab meat

If you are not a vegetarian, I think you might like Azeri food, meat is a staple here. The meat takes the form of kebab, but not the kebab you know, it takes the form of the Iranian kebab, that is to say in the form of meat skewers.

For vegetarians, don’t panic, there are also Badimjan kebabs made from aubergine and Kartof lyulya kebabs made from potatoes.


As in many Arab countries, Azerbaijani pastries use very little cream and sugar, but rather lots of dried fruit, nuts and local honey.

Completely different from Western cuisine, you will have no trouble enjoying these little delicacies.

The Qutab

Qutab or Kutab which means “green vegetables” (göyərti) in “layers” (qutab). It is a flat bread filled with different kinds of fillings. Prepared with very few ingredients, this recipe is both inexpensive and rich in flavour. Qutab is a very popular Azerbaijani dish that you should definitely try.

The dolma

Dolma is a recipe originating from Central Asia and is a classic of Azeri cuisine. It is a tasty and convivial dish made of a stuffed vine leaf, with courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, cabbage, minced beef, onion rice and herbs.

Dolma will make your taste buds travel!

The Drink

Sharbat is the most traditional drink in Azerbaijan, it is a symbol of Azeri culture that you should try when you are on an internship abroad. It is prepared with different fruits such as pomegranate, apricot, quince, orange or cherry, but also with rose petals (ovshala), basil, mint, saffron, sumac or seeds such as cardamom, cumin or coriander. It is a refreshing drink diluted in water and served on the rocks.

So if this blog has made you want to go to Azerbaijan, contact us to do your internship abroad!