For your internship in Portugal, International Horizon has reserved 10 culinary specialties for you to enjoy during your trip. Let’s go!

For starters, we suggest codfish! So are you more interested in pastéis or bacalhau à brás? Pastéis de bacalhau are cod cakes served with rice. Bacalhau brás is shredded cod with onion and crisps, to which olives and parsley are added.

Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato is a delicious dish of clams in shells, accompanied by pieces of bread dipped in sauce.

One of the classics of the Portuguese, the sausage! Smoked sausages and sausages with chorizo.

For a snack? Let yourself be tempted by the Portuguese croque monsieur, called Francesinha. Stuffed with cheese, add several layers of sausages, cover with beer sauce.

Meat stew or fish stew? Meat stew includes chicken, beef, pork and various pork sausages. Fish stew, on the other hand, is made from various types of fish and shellfish, garnished with tomatoes and herbs.

Don’t let the appearance fool you! Caldo verde is a soup made with potatoes, onions, kale and slices of chorizo.

For dessert, you can try pastel de Belem, which are cream pies. This dish can only be bought at the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon.

And finally Arroz doce is a rice pudding. A kind of rice pudding cooked with lemon and sprinkled with cinnamon;

So for your internship in Portugal, it’s right here!