Gastronomy in Sweden: what are the typical dishes?

Sweden is a country full of flavours that you can try out during your internship abroad; here is a list of the dishes you can find on the table!


Gravlax is salmon marinated in salt, sugar and dill. After 48 hours of marinating, it is sliced thinly and served on wholemeal rye bread with Scandinavian mustard and a side of boiled potatoes. A simple but aromatic dish that brings out all the different flavours of the dish.


Kottbullar are meatballs made from a mixture of veal and pork (you can also find reindeer) with nutmeg, breadcrumbs and eggs. Kottbullar are rather fatty in themselves, so they are always accompanied by pickled gherkins, cranberry sauce and boiled potatoes.


These are potato dumplings flavoured with cinnamon and nutmeg. The filling is made of smoked bacon and they are served with lynx and butter sauce. Again, this is a dish with an intense flavour, which has to be toned down by the acidity of the lynxes.

Reindeer stew

Reindeer stew is in fact a typical Finnish dish, but it is also popular in Sweden as well as in Norway and Russia.

The meat stew is served on a bed of mashed potatoes with cranberry jam and gherkins.

Sweets are the real Swedish staple, so here are some example


This is a typical cake made with cinnamon and cardamom. They are rolls of dough made of flour, eggs, butter, sugar, milk and cardamom, rolled with a cinnamon and sugar filling. They can be eaten for breakfast (although the typical Swedish breakfast is salty) or for fika, the mid-morning coffee break.


Nyponsoppa is a special dessert made from the fruit of the rose hip, which is infused, mixed, sieved and combined with sugar and potato flour. The result is a rosehip puree with macaroons or almonds.


There are several types of pancakes in Sweden, which change their name depending on how they are prepared and when they are usually eaten.

One of the most famous Swedish pancakes is pannkaka (plural pannkakor). These are thin pancakes very similar to French crepes and are often served with jam or whipped cream.

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