Die kulinarischen Spezialitäten in Deutschland sind angesagt ! 

Yes, not only beer is good in this country! You can also enjoy the specialties!

You can start with the Kartoffelsalat, a small potato salad that goes perfectly well with German cuisine. As far as the seasoning is concerned, treat yourself with oil, vinegar etc..

As you know, Germany is often associated with the art of currywurst and this is no legend! Whether raw, boiled, grilled or made from beef, veal or pig! It is a real delicacy. And if you pass by Berlin, don’t hesitate to stop at the first currywurst stand “Konnopke’s Imbiss” created in 1930 because the feedback is excellent!

On the sweet side, don’t miss the Apfelstrudel! This cake which comes from the Jewish-German cuisine is a mixture of flavors between apple and cinnamon, and it is particularly delicious! It’s perfect to start your day of training.

We continue with the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, better known as Black Forest in France. Only in Germany, they are much more generous and greedy, filled with dark chocolate, kirsch, cherries and whipped cream. A perfect addition to the end of the meal!

As for street food, what could be better than a good old family kebab. Yes, stop all the false rumors, the kebab was born in Berlin by a Turkish immigrant and it is a real institution! So go and taste this melting meat with a lot of grilled vegetables, feta cheese and even a little bit of mint! Don’t worry vegans, there are of course vegetarian versions ;).

We don’t forget the emblem of Germany which is of course the sauerkraut which gathers most of the specialities of before, i.e. sausages, potatoes etc… You can taste it for a small amount of money in most restaurants!

If you are passing through southern Germany, don’t forget to fill your belly with Maultaschen, large ravioli stuffed with veal or pork and vegetables.

Traditionally served with a broth and its little cream sauce, it’s perfect for an efficient and not too expensive starter!

Finally, don’t forget to taste the German bread, classified as an intangible heritage by UNESCO! Yes, you’re not dreaming, this country is full of more varieties of bread than in France, so beware of butter bread lovers for breakfast 🙂

But the religion of this country is still beer. It is a national pride for them to have an impressive number of breweries and thousands of different beers. You should not miss the Oktoberfest in Munich if you want to party and get drunk on beer! But don’t forget to be on time for your internship abroad the next day.

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