For your internship in Mexico, we let you discover the magnificent dishes that you will have the opportunity to taste. Spicy, yes, but delicious!

For starters, we have the Ceviche. A kind of salad of raw fish or shrimp marinated in lime and seasoned with oil and chili.

Hungry? Let yourself be tempted by the Tortas, the panini type sandwich with salad, onions, avocado, tomatoes, chili, cheese and meat.

The must-try appetizer is guacamole, a preparation made with avocado, chili, cilantro, tomato and lemon juice, accompanied by nachos and a margarita.

In the same spirit, the baked and crunchy tortillas topped with guacamole will delight your taste buds.

Ah… the famous Quesadillas (odel paso?) quesadillas are made with a corn or flour tortilla, and are filled with cheese and many other ingredients. I’m not telling you anything, of course. 

You may be familiar with tacos, but have you ever heard of Mexican-style tacos? Hot tortillas filled with any kind of meat or even fish. There you will find the real taco recipe! 

Enchiladas are tortillas closed and filled with meat, fish or other, then fried in oil. Maybe fatty, but very delicious!

Gringa, a kind of pancake filled with cheese, spices and desired meat, enough to fill the stomach. 

Finally, we finish with the classic, the Arrachera. Grilled beef, tender and tasty, accompanied by guacamole (yes, you will find a lot of guacamole in Mexican dishes). 

Lots of good, tasty, delicious and juicy things to enjoy in Mexico. Don’t wait any longer! It’s over here!