Culinary specialties in Thailand: well you may not be able to taste them now (COVID-19 obliges), but if you do your internship in Thailand you will think of us! And all our delicious recommendations 🙂 so, ready for your internship in Thailand ?

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Tom Yum Soup

First dish for your internship in Thailand: it is a soup with poultry or shrimp. It is generally very spicy so if like me, chilli peppers, you become red and dripping with sweat as soon as you eat them : ask without chilli peppers !

Soma Tam

Originally from northeastern Thailand, it’s a very popular dish there! It’s a green papaya salad that can be very spicy (2 peppers is cool, 5 peppers is boring).

Tchim Tchum

The concept is special: we bring you shrimps, squid, prawns or meat, and you have to dip it in the pot that contains the broth! It’s accompanied by green vegetables and rice vermicelli, and it’s really not bad!

Khao Man GaÏ

It’s an easy and tasty dish! It is composed of fragrant rice, a spicy sauce (chilli, soy, garlic or ginger) and cooked chicken breasts! It is very appreciated by French tourists.

Pat Krapao

You will be able to taste it during your internship in Thailand. It is a kind of basil stir-fry: made of meat like chicken or pork, or tofu, sautéed in basil and a lot of oyster sauce!

Pad ThaÏ

It is a dish based on sautéed rice noodles, composed of vegetables, an egg, sometimes shrimps or chicken (again …), with a lime and peanuts! Originally, the dish had a nationalist vocation after the second world war: the government wanted to boost the consumption of noodles by presenting this dish as a “national dish”.

Pla Krapong Tot Nam Pla

If you do your internship in Bangkok, you will find it everywhere! It’s a dish made of fried fish with a large amount of fish sauce nicknamed Nam Pla.

Tom Ka GaÏ

This dish is a Thai soup, and is a mixture of red pepper, lemongrass, chicken, lime and a good dose of coconut milk. Exotic flavors guaranteed!

Yam Som-O

A pomelo salad with peanuts, some shallots and chilli pepper (chilli pepper is really very present in Thai cuisine, prepare your intestine for your internship in Thailand ;))). It is sometimes decorated with shrimps.

Kanom Krok

You will be able to find them on a market stall. Composed of coconut milk, flours and other ingredients that vary according to the cook and the location (corn flour etc…).

The account is there! No more culinary specialties in Thailand, I’m going back to lie in my deckchair in the sun, and you, we are looking for your internship in Thailand.

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