Hey hi, you are a big food lover too, I have something for you, how about I introduce you to the culinary specialities in Estonia. So I hope you like fish, because you will eat it 😉

How about we start with the drink

Beer also to its many fans. Local, draught or imported, it is very common in the bars that have been open since independence. The country is very proud of its national brands, some of which have been exported for more than five centuries. Estonian beers are mostly blond or red, but also white. Take it easy anyway!


You start out balanced. OK, that doesn’t mean anything to you, but let me explain: this Estonian pumpkin soup is a simple and delicious dish with a slightly sweet taste and a creamy texture. Estonian gastronomy is very rich in soups.

For fish, I warned you !

Herring has been one of the most representative specialities of Estonian cuisine since ancient times. It is, like other traditional Baltic products, preserved either by salting, marinating or smoking.

For dessert, the mannapuder

Ok, it doesn’t mean anything to you, but the mannapuder is a semolina cake served with berries in season, a fruit salad or good jam pancakes. Otherwise the pagariäri is a pastry, will seduce lovers of cream cakes.

In Estonia, almost every savoury dish is accompanied by black rye bread (rukkileib). You can also eat black pudding, sauerkraut with potatoes. For Christmas we eat apples, tangerines and gingerbread.

Well, I’ve done a tour of the culinary specialties in Estonia, you will eat well, but you will probably gain a little weight ;). You’re going to discover Estonian traditions and I’m sure you’ll like it, if you want to go to Estonia and you don’t have an internship, contact us !