Sweden is the fifth largest country in Europe in terms of area. Its landscape is multi-faceted, a balance of dense forests, mountain ranges and lakes that border the major cities. 

The essentials to pack in your suitcase

The climate in Sweden is slightly different from that of the southern countries, so in winter you can forget the shorts and go for your ski coat, the thickest trousers in your wardrobe and especially your gloves. Temperatures are often negative and if you want to avoid having blue hands, I advise you to cover them! Waterproof clothing is a must, because in Sweden showers are frequent.   

Your purchasing power in Sweden

To live well in Sweden, you need to spend about a hundred euros a day between accommodation, food, leisure activities… In Sweden, don’t expect to go out every night until dawn (or else choose Malta or Spain). So plan on having a large enough budget to cover your needs 😉 Sweden is full of different culinary specialities, so you will have no trouble eating local food. 

Swedish heritage

Sweden has a rich heritage, and if you are a history buff, this is the country for you. There are many historical buildings and monuments in the country, starting with the inevitable Drottningholm site which features a magnificent royal castle. The architecture is inspired by the famous Palace of Versailles. The Grimeton station in Halland County. This radio station traces the most common means of communication during the First World War. During your days off, you can also visit the region of Lapland, a moment cut off from all civilisation to rest and enjoy nature!

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